Master Course

After successful completion of the Fundamental Course, you may decide to expand your knowledge and skills with Beauty Plus Academy Master Course. The Master Course will start with one day theory for all three techniques, followed by a specialization one day of choice:

  • 1 day – Advanced eyebrows
  • 1 day – Eye Lash enhancement
  • 1 day – Advanced lips

Certificate: after succeeding one of the Master Course, you will receive a certificate that shows your skills in this field of experience.

Exam: after completing both the Fundamental Course and four Master Classes you are invited to participate in the exam.

Title: once the exam is completed successfully you will receive the diploma and title Beauty Plus Academy Master in Facial Micropigmentation.

Our instructor, Anita Jones has worldwide experience and expertise, so you will learn from the very best trainer available. Education is the foundation of your work. Your clients expect the best micropigmentation they can get. After you have completed the course you are assured to meet the highest requirements of your clients.

Before signing up for Fundamental Course, we encourage students to learn about their local and state laws on licensing and permanent cosmetics. You may contact your state department of health for information on licensing requirements for "cosmetic tattooing."

We offer programs for beginner to master level: Fundamental Course, Master in Facial Micropigmentation, Full Professional in Dermapigmentation, and Full Professional in Micropigmentation.

Our maximum classroom size is 6 students per trainer to ensure you will receive the required personal attention and knowledge to maximize your potential in the field of micropigmentation. You will graduate as a capable, knowledgeable, and motivated professional and you will have obtained all the necessary training and experience in this area of study. Our teaching methods are designed to guide you to succeed as a talented professional.