Questions and Answers

The training of the Nouveau Contour Academy is based on years of experience and are fully applied throughout the world. Each student enters the course inexperienced and after training leaves with confidence to get started. Obviously, you do need some feeling for micropigmentation but anyone who works in the beauty industry and is used to working with their hands, has the potential for success. Therefore, micropigmentation is ideal for beauticians, hairdressers and nail technicians.

The all-round training lasts seven days, consisting of four consecutive days plus three follow-up days. After the four consecutive days course you have mastered all the basic techniques you can start performing permanent make-up in your practice or salon. You can schedule the three follow-up days as additional practice training at your convenience.

After completing the all-round course you have mastered all the basic techniques for pigmenting eyebrows, eyeliners and lipliner. Then you can further specialize in advanced techniques by master trainings. With these one-day trainings you can expand the treatments you offer to your clients, like hair stroke technique for eyebrows, designer and shaded eyeliners, shaded and full lips, medical micropigmentation and pigment removal.

Clients who want to have permanent make-up mostly know what the price is for receiving a treatment. The prices generally are at the same price level nationwide. The price is mostly not decisive in choosing permanent make-up, as the client already knows what it will cost. You are not selling an expensive treatment, but you are offering an extra service to your existing clientele and many new clients who are interested in permanent make-up.

Depending on what treatments you want to offer to your clients and what specializations in micropigmentation you want to follow in the future, we can advise you which device is most suitable for you. In a personal conversation you will get a tailor-made advice and we will discuss which device is the right one for you.

Normal make-up and permanent make-up are two totally different techniques. In permanent make-up we enhance the natural beauty and make correction where necessary. The course is especially developed for you to learn all facets of permanent make-up, even if you don’t have any experience with normal make-up.

In the all-round fundamental course you also will learn the theory of color. On top of this, Nouveau Contour has got the unique Color Identification System, where the client will fill out a questionnaire which will give color advice. This system will prevent you from making the wrong color choices.

Immediately after completing the 4 consecutive days of the all-round course you can start with permanent make-up. You will have all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience that you learned during the training.

Most Insurance companies offer a third-party insurance for permanent make-up. Ask your insurance agent for the possibilities. For The Netherlands Nouveau Contour cooperates with the Ocean insurance company. Dutch students who completed the all-round fundamental course at Nouveau Contour can take a third-party insurance for permanent make-up of the Ocean insurance company.

We kindly ask that you wear scrubs and closed toe shoes. If you have long hair, please make sure you have a way to pull it back.

Classes are daily from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. You will have two- 10-minute breaks and 1/2-hour break for lunch. Occasionally, our classes run later so please be prepared to stay until the end. If you have any schedule restrictions please let us know in advance. In conjunction with your class hours, there will be 2 hours of daily required study time each night.

The address is

2 Centerview Drive

Suite 300, Greensboro, NC  27407