Business Services


Beauty Plus Academy prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their future careers in permanent make-up. Beauty Plus Academy provides you with a full permanent make-up package: the latest permanent make-up techniques and skills, preparing for a career, and owning and operating your own business.

Beauty Plus Academy prepares their students to be successful in permanent make-up by: training a high earned career, assisting in building studio, and consulting on-going business operation.

Upon completion of learning from Beauty Plus Academy’s course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate is proof that you are qualified to work in the field of permanent make-up. With this certificate you can pursue a career under the business management of your choice or by becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own business.

If you choose to establish your own business, Beauty Plus Academy can help you to build and operate your studio to: set up studio, build website, create social media pages, design marketing materials, and Beauty Plus Academy will provide business consultant services.

  1. Studio Set-Up: our internal Interior Designer will design your studio and office space(s) to industry standards and your design preferences, select color, order supplies and equipment, and is flexible to your schedule and budget. We will work with contractors and inspector to guarantee that facilities meet all health codes and regulation, and that permit to operate is granted.
  2. Website: our Head of Information Technology will design your website and webpages to your design and layout preferences. We will work with you and our onsite Content Writer to create content for your website and pages.
  3. Social Media: our Social Media Specialist can create or assist you with your social media pages and social media posts in order to increase your web presence and number of followers. We will work with you to promote your business and network online.
  4. Marketing Materials: our Media Team can design and create digital marketing materials to your design specifications and preferences flexible to your budget. We will work with you and our preferred vendor to print brochures, flyers, signs, banners, and other materials.
  5. Business Consultant: Our professional will advise you on what type of business structure that most benefits you in compliance with Federal, state, and local tax regulation.