Anita Dawn Jones



Anita has more than twenty-five years experience in the makeup, skin care industry and micro-pigmentation, working extensively as a makeup artist, aesthetician, educator and manager. Because of her broad experience, she has developed a unique understanding of the profession as well as the goal and desire of the consumer. She measures her achievements not only based on the healed procedure but on the revitalization of the client’s spirit and self-esteem.
She is a highly trained permanent cosmetic specialist and has the position of National Master Trainer at the Nouveau Contour USA Academy located in Orlando, FL. She uses Nouveau Contour state-of-the-art, sophisticated equipment to create amazingly natural eyebrows, eyeliner, lip reshaping and color, and permanent scar camouflage for her clients.
By specializing in advanced techniques, a simple enhancement can be made or a stunning transformation.
Advantages of permanent cosmetics:
• beautiful eyebrows with flattering design and shape utilizing natural-looking hair simulation and shading
• soft, shadowy eyeliner or lash enhancement that produces a vibrant and youthful appearance
• well-defined or redefined lips with naturally beautiful color that lend a more youthful appearance
• remarkable scar camouflage through paramedical micro-pigmentation
• micro-blade eyebrows -the effect is strikingly similar to the hair of natural eyebrows
Anita was first certified in micro-pigmentation by Nouveau Contour in 1998 and was certified in 2008 by Nouveau Contour as a Master Trainer. She currently teaches classes in Fundamental, Master (Advanced) Dermapigmentation and One-on-One Coaching Classes.
The objective is to give you, the permanent cosmetic technician a solid and professional education in permanent cosmetics and to encourage you to continue to refine your skills and knowledge so you may provide this unique service to your clients with the utmost professionalism, attitude and skill.
American Academy Membership:
- CMI: Certified Micro-pigmentation Instructor
- AAAM: Associate of the AAM
- DAAM: Diplomat of the AAM
- Facilitator for The Board Exams of the American Academy of Micropigmentation
- Phi Brows Artist
- Phi Contour Artist